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Department of Developmental Services Issues Guidance on Remote Services

The Department of Developmental Services has new guidance for remote services in the Self-Determination Program (SDP).

What are Remote Services?

According to the Department of Developmental Services, remote services are delivered by telephone or video visit.

When Are SDP Services Offered Remotely?

An SDP service must meet all the following requirements in order to be offered remotely:

  • The participant asks for remote services to satisfy their Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals.
  • In-person support needs for the participant are met with remote service.
  • The participant is in California when the remote service is provided.
  • The participant’s rights of privacy, dignity and respect, are upheld and is free from coercion and restraint.
  • The participant can remain active in the community and keep interacting with its members.
  • The service meets the participant’s health and safety needs.

Regional centers can help with questions about remote services.


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