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Department of Developmental Services Updates Guidance on Goods and Services

The Department of Developmental Services updated its guidelines on the use of goods and services in the Self-Determination Program (SDP) to determine cost and service designations in an SDP budget. The SDP is an individual budget used to acquire support and services. It’s controlled by the program participant in alignment with their Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals.

The good or service must be approved by the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is not available through other funding sources. Enclosure B, linked below, explains which goods and services are allowed outside of the individual budget and when a certain good or service achieves IPP goals.

Enclosure B

The Participant-Directed Goods and Services Decision Tree helps decide if a good or service should be included in the SDP. It begins with the IPP Team discussing participant’s needs and goals. As the chart progresses, the team can decide to:

  • Include the good or service in the SDP.
  • Qualify it under the IPP and Spending Plan as Participant-Directed Goods and Services, or
  • Help the participant apply through another funding source.

The chart in Enclosure C is linked below.

Enclosure C


California Department of Developmental Services

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