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Isaac (left) and Linda Mendoza (right) smiling for a photo

Linda and Isaac’s Journey to Independence with SequoiaSD

In Orange County, California, Linda and her 27-year-old son, Isaac, are achieving independence through their journey with SequoiaSD.

A Personalized Journey with Self-Determination:

Isaac, who lives with a metabolic condition, had his life transformed when Linda discovered self-determination. Teaming up with SequoiaSD has allowed Linda to curate Isaac’s daily schedule. This service provides them both a newfound sense of control and autonomy. As Linda and Isaac embarked on this journey, SequoiaSD became a resource towards a more independent life.

Linda worked directly with SequoiaSD during her onboarding process and in our interview with her, she shared, “SequoiaSD was my first and only call. From the moment I spoke with SequoiaSD, I felt an immediate connection.”  Linda went on to share timely and prompt responses from the SequoiaSD team made the onboarding process easier. Located in Orange County, California, SequoiaSD made for a convenient option for Linda and Isaac.

A First-Time Experience with Lasting Impact:

For Linda and Isaac, entering the world of self-determination was a first-time experience. Linda’s decision was influenced by a friend’s recommendation. Linda learned self-determination would allow more flexibility in their schedules. Plus, Isaac could do more on his own. Isaac missed the camaraderie of his friends and peers in school. Now, Isaac engages in more activities, like going to the movies with his friends.

Flexibility, Fair Compensation, and Ongoing Support:

Linda enjoys the flexibility and rate of pay offered by an SDP. She’s able to adjust her schedule as different needs come up and she receives higher quality support. Linda acknowledged the onboarding process is a lot of paperwork. Though, she noted the support from the SequoiaSD team was invaluable to her.

Real-World Impact:

The positive impact of an SDP program on Linda and Isaac’s lives is tangible. Since joining, Isaac has been participating in art classes, exploring the world of paint and clay. He’s also picked up a digital animation course that allows him to create projects on a tablet.

Spreading Awareness:

Linda believes self-determination has become a great resource for her and Isaac. She explained it is not well-known, but it has the power to transform lives of others in her community. About her experience with SequoiaSD, Linda shares:

“I enrolled with SequoiaSD from the start of our Self- Determination journey. The SequoiaSD team was patient and responsive on our many questions about payroll, time sheets etc. There were some growing pains, but SequoiaSD kept us and our independent facilitator well informed of the changes. I would recommend SequoiaSD for their excellent service.”

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